CardTracker Help


Log in using the by clicking the 'Log in' link on the upper right of the page. The login is actually handled through Meetup.

After pressing 'Log in', you should see a page generated by Meetup entitled "Log in and grant access". Click the "Grant Access" button to allow the 52 Peak Club CardTracker to access your Meetup account. You will be also be offered the opportunity to log into Meetup if not already logged in. Once you are logged into Meetup and have granted access for CardTracker, you will be taken straight to the page showing the record of the cards you have earned.

NOTE: We are still in the process of moving data to the new CardTracker system. All the cards you have earned may not have been updated yet in the new system. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience during this transition.

Leaders (Assistant Organizers):

Leaders should also log in using their Meetup identity.